Xscape Just Kickin It

It's not Xscape's fault as to how they look, that's just the way of the world. Like someone said below, ocean noises no one has been checking for her since Xscape broke up.

Remember Kandi tried a solo career as well. Kandi was actually sleeping with Jermaine Dupree.

Just Kickin It

And they all need each other to make it work. Kandi and Lil Kim always looked stuffed.

She was all over the place. And she made her body worse by adding more fat to her ass. All I want my husband to do is go work, pay the bills lay the pipe.

He probably felt so paranoid that every time they talked he thought they were talking about him. Audible Download Audio Books. Tiny looks good in that pic up top. It's going to hit the fan next episode -Mama Joyce popped up at the rehearsal. Why was R-Kelly wife there giving stripper pole lessons.

The three members requested Burruss also rejoin. Phyllis Hyman was the truth!

Kandi isn't used to not getting her butt kissed in the work place. Love You Down Extended Version.

Odyssey Magazine Publishing Group Inc. It don't matter what you look like folks would still try you. Don't hate on Mickey Rourke. Yes, Tiny is always in good spirits, I like that about her, she was like is in or not! She does not look good like that.

That's a great picture of them. On the divorce petition, Scott listed her occupation as a writer and PhD student, marking Dobson as unemployed. Her body tight for her age tho. She needs to treat them like a paycheck and keep it moving. That's why the other Scott sister had to apologize.

Usually the one with the odd voice is the lead singer. He was looking for a meal ticket I don't think he ever cared anything about her. LaTocha's not going to own any part in the demise of the group. Kandi strong-armed an on-air apology from her before any reunion. Im not faithful with the show, but caught the end of the reunion show and Mariah was name calling.


Just kick it, just kick it Kick off your shoes and relax your feet, Party on down to the Xscape beat. It just looks abnormal and grotesque.

She made her money from song writing and smart business moves. They were later discovered by Jermaine Dupri. Tamar doesn't need to be on a tour with a bunch of folks.

Next it's gonna be why Kandi gets the bigger share of the pot. Good and interesting show though because they really seem like frenemies. But, I think this is one of the few shows were the cast actually knew each other before the show and have genuine relationships outside of the show. So that alone is reason enough to stop giving herself unauthorized titles.

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Questions that need answers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tired of folks acting as if we as a whole are stupid.

Just the two of them alone, kick back, Doing their own thing. It was a blind item that Tamar smashed pops too back when.

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