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Most of the times the only parody is the title. She even appeared in one episode of the Ruby-Spears cartoon. Played with in Justice League Europe with Crimson Fox's ongoing sexual harassment really, there's no better description of Captain Atom.

She fails, but then sees Jughead trying to impress Ethel who unbeknownst to Cheryl had a picnic basket full of food. Knowing who he is and what he's guilty off, Elektra is visibly uncomfortable and has to take a deep breath to calm down before fighting him.

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Even his fellow Talib is disgusted by this. Just for Pun in action hur hur hur. It's not clear if the author knew it was a real movie, or if it's just a coincidence.

Sanae of Squid Girl is actually quite pretty, but Ika herself sees her as this. Hildegard Hamhocker of Tumbleweeds. Chihiro Tanaka is this to Shinji. It all comes to an end after she winds up going to prom with Peter's friend Steve and both hit it off very well.

Al Capp's Li'l Abner features many examples. And if that's not enough, there's a Love Live! The underlying implication is that whichever of them fails to win the lovely Katrina van Tassel will be stuck with Tilda. His disgust and horror towards her constant aggressive advances toward him are played for laughs.

The corrupt, obese principal in Billy Madison overlaps with the Depraved Homosexual for the sake of two gags during Billy's graduation. The critically-acclaimed Your Name has a spoof in the form of Your Rope. Once in some bushes and twice in a barn full of hay.

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Cartoonist Basil Wolverton famously won a contest to portray Lena. Anna starts out as Tanukichi's love interest, whom he admired for her purity and high moral standards as well as her looks.

Mark, the protagonist of Invincible was once almost forced to marry the princess of Atlantis in this version of Atlantis, merpeople are half-fish all over their bodies, like a Lovecraftian horror. Lucy is one for Schroeder as well.

Later on another character decides to practice some lines for a play, and Cheryl walks in on him apparently declaring his love for Ethel. In The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. The various women his mother tries to pair him with are also this. Peeves falls in love with Perona after seeing her cause chaos with her Negative Hollows. Soban of Busumetsu High, who besides being the boss of a delinquent gang, is Giant Mook -sized and a most extreme Gonk even by Rumiko Takahashi standards.

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He's uncomfortable with the situation because of things like waking up and finding himself being cuddled by her. She could use magic to make herself look more attractive, but unless she was feeding Wimpy he couldn't care less.

The spoof of Titanic is called Bitanic. However, those titles are rarely much fun to talk about, so the ones that pop out to the general public are these titles listed below. Why haven't I had to chase away a pack of boys drooling after you? Morton Goldthwait is a fairly straight example. Oddly enough, none of them are real puns, just twists on the names for the sake of it.

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Wimpy wasn't attracted to her but he would have make-out sessions with her if it meant free food. You make us sound like lovers, and it's turning my stomach. Grace Lawrence is ready to divorce her husband, and marry Stanton much to his horror in Sin Takes a Holiday. This was also a conscious choice on the part of the filmmakers, as in the original story, the stepsisters were attractive. These are most often sought after in the community only for the sake of mocking the ugly stars that conflicts terribly with the surprisingly well done most of the time cosplay outfits.

Lum quite understandably wants nothing to do with him. There's a hentai anime titled Elfen Laid, but it has nothing to do with Elfen Lied.

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In spite of her own infidelity, the morbidly obese Rasputia demands that he have eyes for no one but her, which the long-suffering idiot patiently does for many years despite her constant abuse. However, Batgirl can't stand him. While she was as ugly as they come in her first appearances and used solely to torture Jughead, Ethel has since had some of her more distorted features toned down.

It's not so much that she's unattractive, as he already has a girlfriend. Interesting example in Shimoneta.

How much more blunt do I have to be before she gets the idea? So much like Hollywood itself, it exploits that which is already successful. The parody was then released three months later. You get no prizes for deducing that Jack doesn't just get it on with Rose. Unfortunately, she comes off as too strong for Shaggy and he ends up being just as afraid of her as the ghosts.

He seems to actually care for her, but even so, Stella could do without him. You can bet that Bollywood, being what it is, has done this many a time.

In a comic book that depicted Popeye and Olive Oyl's wedding written decades later by Peter David, the Sea Hag caught the bouquet at the ceremony. That's not even going into how Zelda and Link are dating and Aryl was still hurting over dumping her kinda-sorta traitor boyfriend. The turtle wiped off the giant lipstick imprint off of his face which wasn't sideways, electron microprobe dating of monazite rock but on straight making it seem like they locked lips for a while. So what did the lovely Miss Hanson do? It's also a common game to take normal media titles and see how many porn titles they can be twisted into.