She never disappoints the audience

Tickle Intensive - Stella and Tia

Unauthorized copying, sharing, distribution, reproduction, or any other use is a violation of applicable laws. Armpits, ribs, stomach, and thighs are the targets of choice for Stella's upperbody.

Towards the end of the

Can't get enough of looking at Tia's toes. Stella is strapped to the bed topless for her worst gang tickling to date. Towards the end of the clip, Tia's tiny toes break out of their toeties, but Kelli can easily control her tiny feet. Stella hates the brushes, so Kelli makes sure to explore every inch of her ticklish feet with them. She tickles her feet with her manicured nails until Stella is a hysterical mess.

She tickles her feet with

Intense Tickling Miss Lisa. Tia loves to sadistically hold Stella's toes back while scratching her sharp nails all over her taut sole.

This clips features intense gang tickling. Intense and prolonged orgasm.

Can't get enough of looking atStella is strapped to the bedThe tickling doesn't stop until StellaThis was our final tickling clipStella hates the brushes so

The tickling doesn't stop until Stella is a broken, sweaty, hysterical wreck. This was our final tickling clip with Tia from her very first day of shooting.