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Can't get enough of Four, especially when I picture him as Theo James. Yeah, she completely ruined me. Veronica grew up outside of Chicago and graduated from Northwestern University.

It was a bit longer than the previous short story and we get to read about Four's initiation and how he handled it. Four gets his first tattoo! To know what it was, and more aspects of Four's personality, read the book and find out! Allegiant had given me my dose of disappointment and tears. One choice can destroy you.

The Initiate

So I just really, really need more time to get them right. The Traitor Veronica Roth. The Divergent Series was developed into three major motion pictures. Her choice will shock her community and herself. Also in the book it Talks about how four became a dauntless and why he is.

What if your whole world was a lie? You may now start rating as it has been published! To know If I thought The Transfer was amazing, it was nothing compared to this one! When read together, these long narrative pieces illuminate the defining moments in Tobias Eaton's life. It occurs to me that I did that, it was me, and fear creeps back in, a different kind of fear this time.

Do yourself a favour and don't buy this ebook if you don't want to waste your money. He was the opposite of Tris. Open Preview See a Problem? Tried to buy it but it's still on pre-order. This short has Four training, making friends, making enemies and standing out as the toughest sob there is.

The Transfer Veronica Roth. The Initiate Veronica Roth. His blood is bright against his skin. It's been a while since I have read the Divergent trilogy and I might have enjoyed this story more if I remembered all the characters from before.

Chicago, Illinois United States. Other books in the series. Divergent Series Bonus Scene Series. The second installment in the Four quartet of novellas was a decent read.

You'll want to read each of these. If I thought The Transfer was amazing, it was nothing compared to this one!

Three extra exclusive scenes included! As in, they're about seventy pages each, so if you add them together you get about pages of Tobias's story. He was funny and protective of him, and I ended up really enjoying their exchanges.

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Finally Four braves the initiaton and gets ranked first. Fans of the Divergent series by No. His voice is an integral part of Allegiant.

Truly sent a chill down my spine! Fans of the Divergent movie will find the book packed with just as much emotional depth and exhilarating action as the film, all told in beautiful, rich language.

Beatrice must choose between staying with her Abnegation family and transferring factions. Four is working hard all day and night to fit in the dauntless and is even helping Shauna friend with fighting lessons.

The Initiate A Divergent Story

The Initiate (Divergent ) by Veronica Roth

This thirteen-page scene reveals unknown facts and fascinating details about Four's character, his past, his own initiation, and his thoughts about new Dauntless initiate Tris Prior. In this short story, we explore Four's life as a Dauntless initiate. The Initiate, 4shared.apk by Veronica Roth.

Which is what I'm off to do right now, actually. Of how he was in the beginning, how he changed, how he got his first tattoo, how he became Dauntless in the true sense of the word. This book is a great book. But Amar who was also a Divergent gets murdered by the Erudite Jeanine's members as they're hunting for divergent rebels.

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It's also another great book to add to the divergent if you really like it. Where Tris never really felt or acted like someone from abnegation, Four truly struggles with the changes and how to simply interact with others. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. You never spend time with the other initiates. Written for fans of Four, he makes friends and enemies here.

One choice will define you. In a fight that hasn't even taken up a whole of five minutes?

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This dystopian series set in a futuristic Chicago has captured the hearts of millions of teen and adult readers. But the newly christened Tris also has a secret, one she's determined to keep hidden, because in this world, what makes you different makes you dangerous. Awesome to read about Tobias's beginnings into dauntless! You also get more insight in some of the characters that appear in the Divergent series, like Amar, Zeke and Shauna. But there will be none of the characters that died in the Divergent trilogy hopefully!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Readers first encountered Tobias Eaton as Four in Divergent. Four pushes himself to the point he must walk away at one point, as he is really finding his own boundaries and limits in this one. This leaves him conflicted. Roth's website and it said because the books are turning out to be much longer than expected, they will be released together this July.

The Initiate (Divergent ) by Veronica Roth

Mainly because of the author. Complete your Divergent library with the Four stories! Divergent Series Story Series. All Four wanted was to survive in the dauntless compound but he realises that he's excelling.