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The Report of the Study Commission on U. Ecclestone and Mosley had changed motorsport beyond recognition and become very rich in the process.

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Vela Incident and Israel and weapons of mass destruction. Grand Prix motor racing, however, did not cut ties. Israel worked very closely with the apartheid regime.

Most African states had fully broken ties after the Yom Kippur War, and Israel increased its cultivation of ties with the similarly isolated government in Pretoria. But their apartheid links continued as the rest of the world moved to isolate the South African regime.

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He had not previously received an invitation from Israel. South Africa is an advocate of the two-state solution. The anti-Western powers have driven Israel and South Africa into a community of interests which had better be utilized than denied. The most famous team owner, Enzo Ferrari, was persuaded that Ecclestone and Mosley were the future.

During the mids, diplomatic contact between Israel and South Africa was minimal. They turned out to be massive. Israel and the Land of Apartheid. The South African date in the Grand Prix calendar was under threat.

Israel continued to denounce apartheid, but it privately began to cultivate relations with South Africa in secret. Ashkenazi their culture still dominates.

Ferrari and other Continental teams stayed at home. From the mids, the two countries were allegedly involved in joint nuclear-weapons development and testing.

The Report of the Study Commission

University of California Press. Israeli and South African intelligence chiefs held regular conferences with each other to share information on enemy weapons and training. Israel portal South Africa portal. Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For the South African government, there was a desire to expand its network of friendships.

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