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Smoking and self loving

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It is sad that things like that go from generation to generation, wasted lives to desperation. Despite this, I do believe that whilst others can indeed contribute towards greater self-expression, fundamentally it is the individual that is responsible for their ability to practise self-love.

We used to the idea that we depends on others, but in reality - you are the one who always with yourself, all the time. This man helped me a lot and helped me achieve happiness. It is this acceptance from oneself that will encourage others to see these traits as not vices, but as distinctive and unique traits.

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However, I also believe that it is up to the individual to learn to accept these vulnerabilities and understand that they do not need others to express appreciation in order to love themselves. Anyone else, even this doctor will disappoint you. We haven't become a different person and yet we believe we are better in some way and from this, it is more acceptable and easier to love oneself. If this is what the author's values are like, I wonder how empathic and professional he really is towards people. They can't give the advice to support of something they themselves do't have.

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For instance, When your opponent comes at you, you move out of the way and pull them away from you. All my life, I've used the people around me to define myself and have continually used their nurturing and beliefs about me to build myself.

Because in reality, you don't need anybody's approval. That Only Puts certain people on a Never-Ending-Trip to make themselves feel better about themself or to love themself. And there is nothing to hide. It is a gift of intimacy, not of will-power.

Thank you for helping me sit up and take note. We are to allow them to teach us to do the same for ourselves.

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