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Therefore, it is presumptuous and untenable to state that Lena and Diahann did not consciously order their actions in such a manner to ensure easier passage for future generations. If Lena Horne fit the conforming image of black women of her day, the film studios would not have excised her scenes from films before screening them for Southern audiences. Lena and Diahann were definitely not in the business of conforming to any mainstream expectations of who they should be. Whitney can, and already has, is miley still dating nick done things that would have ended the careers of these ladies.

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As you know, the conforming image of a black woman in the age of de jure racial discrimination did not consist of poise, charm or personal dignity. As well, it is incumbent upon anyone who would paint himself, or herself, a victim of racism to first ensure that it is the mere fact of their blackness that invites rumor and criticism. Her silence implies guilt, or at the very least, indifference to what is happening to her. While it is true that Whitney is subject to more intense media scrutiny, it is also true that we are living in an age of greater tolerance and forgiveness of perceived moral turpitude.

Black americans of their generation were very cognizant of their obligation to ensure that the road would be easier for future generations in every industry, trade and profession. If she is not fighting for herself, why should we fight for her? Accordingly, she was ostracized by the entertainment industry at great detriment to her financial prospects and professional advancement. That is one difference between their generation and ours.

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That was the essence of the American civil rights struggle! Wealth and celebrity are proven and powerful weapons against racism. Whitney is obviously aware of Lena's legacy and is inspired by Lena's strength of character. She also has a large, fiercely protective fanbase that will support her even under the most incriminating circumstances.