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It takes about ten seconds before a manager tells The Conk to stop recording. Presentation of a License from The Conk. But other than that, the program was straight from the camera tape. Were we using his camera to shoot this episode?

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That uncredited soundtrack was an improv jam session using pots and pans from our kitchen, I believe. Whiskey Fastball mixed in the Waffle House restroom. Random strangers were asking us all kinds of crazy questions, and it seemed people were having trouble distinguishing between reality and television. Okay, video game converter but how can you join this great party on the interwebs? We also get to see Moonboy spinning a rifle.

Vexing and Perplexing This remains to me one of the most perplexing and downright vexing episodes in the series. Please, let's just all forget this ever happened. Moonboy blows his nose and someone uses the urinal. But we actually succeeded on the technical front, more or less.

The censors didn't balk at this one. As we were abundantly aware, more and more people were watching our show. If this episode looks even grainier and grungier than the others, there's a reason for that.

Rox - I Dont Believe Chords & Tabs

It's our old timeslot from back in the day! Someone urinates in the stairwell. Get Hundred with Us YouTube has a new premiere feature, and we're going to give it a go with our newest episode.

The lighter makes its appearance. We stop by the McDonald's on Kirkwood. We are offering the domain rox. We actually see J smoking a joint.

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Then there are a couple extended outtakes from Waco, the Big Lie. She rehearsed her music at Scream Studios in Croydon. The rainy scenes of Bloomington are nicely done. Redirected from Rox singer.

Could it be the same person? Fade up on me in the bathroom mirror wielding the camera. For Sale We are offering the domain rox. We'd seen a flyer he'd posted somewhere around town, we called the number listed, and the next thing we knew, there he was.


But wherever you are, Roger, I imagine you're still baffling. Blige and Alanis Morissette. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is our most explicit depiction of cannabis use yet. Simply go to the premiere watch page and set a reminder.

He says he's also known as Father Donovan Von Jennings, the last exorcist ordained by the Vatican, for example. Most relevant for us as residents of Bloomington, Indiana, he claims the name Rudinterra Yogananda.

Rox - I Dont Believe Chords & Tabs

It was, at best, a curious experiment. The montage segments are cool. It is with great sadness that we report the untimely passing of Jenny B. We were feeling a need to get serious, at least in small doses.

Certainly, we had encouraged this confusion with our reality-based approach. Striaght to Tape If this episode looks even grainier and grungier than the others, there's a reason for that. Note the sheela na gig photocopy on the wall! After all, he claims a number of aliases.


Another explicit depiction of cannabis use, this time in a hookah. The master was lost somewhere along the way, and no one even seemed to have a dub. Even today I can't figure if he was delusional, or running some sort of scam, or doing some kind of bizarre and rather clever performance art.

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You can just go to YouTube. Please join us for live chat during the show. Femtobrewery stands for Andy, and Andy stands for good firm handshake. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rox. Any graphics or soundtrack would have to be supplied live.

Episode title hand assembled from old block letters used for home movies and introduction. What this means is that you can tune in and watch with us no matter where you are. Heart Ran Dry retains the acoustic element of the preceding Forever Always Wishing, but is more sketchy X Factor audition than a track worthy of making any album's final cut. And it just feels kind of lame to pad out our show with someone else's work.

Hey, he's wearing my sweater! He says all this and more in a single interview, conducted in our living room at S Dunn one December afternoon. Thus the first minute is completed. Singer-songwriter guitarist. Were we taping over our source tapes already?

Our watch party won't be complete without you! Brand names are not important.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Personally I was and remain critical of that whole debacle, but in retrospect I'm equally skeptical of Linda Thompson's politics and motives. What's important is an overwhelming desire to get shitface drunk.

There's another improvised jam. Editor B and Xy will be watching from New Orleans.