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If you have that with you, please send that to me deep. Thank you so much Amit Ji for offering to help. Pravachan on the other hand interprets slokas and scriptures and does not involve as much singing. Hi, Really i appreciate if anybody post Geeta audio discourses for geeta.

OSHO responses to questions - OSHO - OZEN RAJNEESH

Mahaveer Meri Drishti Mein. Dear friend, Let me check as to whether I've them in my collections or not.

OSHO responses to questions - OSHO - OZEN RAJNEESH

Hindi Audio-Osho pravashan odio mp 3

It is easier to listen to some Pandit or Purohit who is conducting a Pravachan to understand some of the scriptures. Hindi Pravachan is a form of Hindu religious discourse, which are lectures on scriptures. Osho Hindi Video Download Free.

Aswikriti Mein Utha Haath. Piya Ko Khojan Main Chali. If you become empty than and than u can understand Karma yog. Could anyone please email osho's English discourses to me. While his wife was dying, he gave her the promise that that he will not marry again.

In Search of the Miraculous - Kundalini Yoga. But his dead wife ghost could not accept this betrayal and She kept coming back everyday and telling word by word what transpires between the man and his new wife. He fell so deep in love that he forgot about his promise and he married again. Once a Man lost his Loving wife. Jharat Dashahun Dis Moti - Gulal.

Anand ki Khoj, Dukhad Drishti ka Tyag. Those would have been Very Lucky persons.

After listening to his discourses, it is very very impressive as on date. We people takes more ages to catch his words.

Audio and Video discources available in OshoWorld. Guestbook Share your thoughts in our GuestBook! Hi there, Hey Lovers please help to download the book called Intuition Knowing beyond logic! Krishna- The Man and his Philosophy. In the olden days Pravanchan pundits were often well versed in the Sanskrit language and educated and well trained in Veda Sastras and Vedanta.

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The man remain truthful to his dead wife for a while but destiny had stored some thing else for him. If I find them I will upload them too! That Ghost was a creation of the mind and so are most of our problems.

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The man was surprised to see the ghost of his dead wife but now he could do nothing about it, so he kept quite. His discourses are very very impressive and straight forward. Hasiba Kheliba Dhariba Dhyanam.

Peevat Ramras Lagi Khumari. Nice Website we are also working in Online Radio Music and welcome you to visit our website. Gandhiwaad Ek Aur Sameeksha. Prabhu Mandir Ke Dwar Par. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Preetam Chhabi Nainan Basee. If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Paruthiyur Krishna Sastri's Rasanishyandini is an example of a detailed Ramayana explanatory work.

Hi, dear Cool Deep sir, actually i am a big fan of osho, but i don't have enough of his audio discourses. Best regards, CoolDeep for OshoOnline. Hello, Any friend of osho in kingdom of Saudi Arabia may contact at gulamca yahoo. Pravachan, Harikatha, Kalakshepa, Upanyasam, Villuppattu are all similar in the sense they are interpretations and story telling on religious theme, yet they have different styles. Pravachans are usually on a religious theme, chopin nocturne mp3 usually the life of a saint or a story from one of India's epics.

We can only see those things which we are already aware of. Hi, Can anyone upload Geeta Darshan? Marpa Infotech eV gabond- Tech Solutions. Jas Panihar Dhare Sir Gagar. Harikatha is a composite art form with story telling, poetry, music, drama, dance, and philosophy.

Hindi Audio-Osho pravashan odio mp 3

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Guru Partap Sadh Ki Sangati. People who listen to Pravachans have become more tolerant of their brethren, a sense of giving and forgiving has been inculcated in them. Selling Bliss and Copyrighting Osho!

Most of time what we believe and see in this world is a Projection of our mind. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of. Kahe Kabir Main Pura Paya. Neti Neti Sambhavnaon Ki Aahat.

What could have happened to those who listen to him in person. Its natural for a man to forget promises, wedding dates, and birthday but a woman always cherishes these things. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me. Pravachans sometimes become very emotional.

Nam Sumir Man Bavre-Jagjivan. South India has a long tradition of religious discourse. Tired by complaints and threats from the Ghost one day the man went to a Sage. Birhani Mandir Diyana Bar. When the Ghost came that night, the man did the same.

Every one who want the best of knowledge must listen or read it. Villuppttu, in which folk stories were told accompanied by a stringed instrument resembling a bow, was also popular in Tamil Nadu. What can i say about that man he really make my life i better place to live without him i m also in the same gutter in which other people have thank u bhagwan. But that site no longer is accessible. On his wedding Night he saw his dead wife's Ghost, who complained about the broken promise.