New Games For Pc 2010

Episodes From Liberty City. The Toasted Sandwich of Time. If superpower ever meets superpower, everybody in the vicinity is getting fucked up.

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Graphics hold their own with other current adventure games, alive pearl jam mp3 and dialogue is all voiced with competent voice actors. Word Pirate is an excellent choice for anyone who likes word puzzle games and also has a soft spot in their hearts for swashbuckling adventure. Dark Prophecy was one of best turn-based fantasy strategy games of last few years.

Lara Croft Guardian of the Light. World Tour definitely fulfills every expectation, though without being as innovative as the first game. Call me greedy if you like, but I blame it on GameHouse for making something so darn fun. Galcon Fusion Sequel to a great indie game.

Unlike many Build-a-lot copycats, Vacation Mogul succeeds in standing on its own two feet with its good pace, variety, colorful graphics and challenge. In the era of the political strongman, the cigar-puffing El Presidente fits right in.

List of all PC games released in 2010

Fortunately, the sharp plot, inventive puzzles, and good voice acting are enough to smooth over the rough spots. Mole Control Minor complaints aside, Mole Control takes an old formula and makes it new again. Trapped Dead Commandos-like zombie game. This will sometimes prevent you from achieving the gold and silver time medals needed to boost your score quickly. Elixir of Immortality The story of Elixir of Immortality is immensely fun, with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing.

Other features like achievements, trophies, and optional Facebook connectivity further round out this stellar time-management game. Deathspank If you like sweet loot, hacking things to death, looking at beautiful landscapes and laughing at good writing, you might want to pick up DeathSpank. The best guitar man of world now.

The crushing blow is a strong new addition, but this bone-shattering move can only be performed under certain conditions, such as on counters that are timed just right. It all adds up to a very solid, entertaining game that hidden object fans should definitely give a second look. Recommended For Your Pleasure. Front Mission Evolved Third person shooter spin-off the famouse franchise.

Like its predecessors, it offers weeks and weeks of gameplay for those who want to achieve everything there is to unlock. Welcome to the Club is one chase that delivers in spades.

The ever-so-slightly ageing technology only marginally detracts from what is otherwise an expansive, fulfilling and ambitious game, unmatched in scope and maturity. The story mode takes a handful of hours to complete, and because of the nature of the core gameplay and the captivating story, it never feels trite or boring.

The game will feature new alien species which are supposed be the best assassin in the galaxy. The interface is effective, clearly indicating idle units and buildings, while the graphical style if nice to look at. Developed by people who previously made Specialist mod for first Half-life.

The American frontier setting adds some freshness to the series too, and the interesting story and top-notch presentation make you want to stick around to see what happens next. Using a car battery and a Street Fighter mask to electrocute the undead and a set of knives and a pair of boxing gloves to make Wolverine claws are all great times. The main story line is still a blast even if you go it alone and some of the side quests will challenge the most hardened team of Boarderlands veterans. Cant wait for Command and Conquer. Deadfire-style text adventure as your brave adventurers sail on their way.

Top 10 Expected PC Games

Combat Helo Indie heli sim. And, Philadelphia is miles away. GabCab GabCab is definitely an entertaining game, highly original, and proving how to make a real stand-out sequel. The game release has been delayed several times. Lead and Gold Gangs of the Wild West.

It is a game ultimately limited by a lack of imagination where a neat time-manipulation idea is handcuffed to a by-the-numbers first-person shooter. Virtual City Virtual City takes good aspects from previous city builders and combines them into an effective package. If your thinking is a bit more flexible, there is the opportunity here to forge alliances and win a valid victory by promoting peace and mutual prosperity.

The gameplay is fast, and Sam has been transformed into the ultimate killer. Different levels require different strategies and it might take some time to learn those, but it is definitely worth it. Diplomacy Second and last mini expansion.

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Yes, it's tough to do for a rapid-fire twitch fighting game. The cars and environments are gorgeous, the crashes are spectacular, and the new Autolog feature breathes new life into the time-honored tradition of video game competition among friends. The extremely high replay value makes this a must-have title. Link Existing Cracked Account.