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The poem was later reprinted in his poetry collection Life of the Dead. The play presents, among other things, an Israeli citizen who asks to emigrate to the United States.

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Unauthorized translation I just think, the theater, it's much more charming, much more involving when you see these things on the stage. On account of this, the American consul asks him to spit on his mother, to kick an Arab boy's face, and afterward, to taunt God. It was later published in the book Finale. The government threatened to withdraw its financial support from the theater.

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Danny Tracz was the producer. His next play, Ya'akobi and Leidental, the first that Levin also directed, was first presented in December at the Cameri Theater.

Viewers protested and made a disturbance during the performances. In he joined the editorial board of the Dorban newspaper, one of the university's two student newspapers. Following this opposition, the play was cut by twenty minutes.

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He grew up in a religious home in the Neve Shaanan neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv. His father ran a grocery store. During the s, he continued to write and direct plays that primarily appeared at the Haifa Theater and Cameri see the list of plays below. He grew up in a religious home in the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv.

Next, Levin wrote a satire called Ketchup. Although the Council for Film and Drama Criticism banned the entire play, Kottler decided to present it. This play had previously been passed up by the Cameri and Habima.

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His partner in the last years of his life was Lilian Baretto. Perhaps because it was presented on the stage of an established theater, the play aroused an unprecedented storm of public opinion.

In the s, his brother, David, who was nine years older than he was, worked as an assistant director at the Cameri Theater. In the s, his brother, David, who was nine years older than him, worked as an assistant director at the Cameri Theater.

Levin's death brought new interest in his early stage works. The Israeli Theater Habimah performed several plays by Levin. Levin's translation into English won first prize in in a radio drama competition in Italy. The show, under the direction of David Levin, dating a daneker senator clock was broadcast several times.

Courtship and marriage A particular family A neighborhood. The National Religious Party demanded censorship of a song that, in its opinion, profaned the honor of the Bible. In spite of Levin's objections, the theater's management decided, in the wake of these outraged responses, to close the show after only nineteen performances. The play was allowed to go on only after it was edited. He continued to work even in the hospital, nearly to his last day, but didn't have time to finish the staging of his play The Crybabies.

Some passages from the period were republished, with thorough revisions, as part of his later work.