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Goddess Jolene Feet Worship

You will hear my voice long after you finish watching this clip. The only kind of pussy you'll ever get is a pocket pussy. You are blank, awaiting my next command. You will be open and receptive to every word that comes out of my mouth. Spiraling down, dizzy, lost, drifting deeper into subspace.

Edge your cock to my wordsYou want toYou share to the group about

Losers don't deserve to orgasm. You're going to be my bitch. It swells because I tell it to swell. Her cock and her beauty make you weak.

And you don't deserve to cum. There's no way you can escape me. You get to worship your coed roommate's feet every day. Worship my feet and my legs, my hips and my ass, my tummy and my tits, take it all in. Feel your hand unzip your pants, your hand moves with my words.

And you don't deserve to cumIt fucking turns you on moreHer cock andYou thought you'd never watch it

Look into my eyes, get entranced by them, let my body and my words take over your mind. See, look how stupid you are, jerking off at my command, jerking off listening to me tell you what an idiot you are. And there's nothing you can do about it but just sit there and watch in awe. Your only purpose is to worship me and be denied.

You can fuck it and pretend it's a real pussy, but it will never taste like a real pussy and pussy is delicious. This is what losers like you get. Show me how bad you want my big toe in your mouth.

There's no way

You thought you'd never watch it again but now you can watch it all over again and enjoy it in a new way. Edge your cock to my words, to my voice. You share to the group about your addiction to bratty girls on the internet. It fucking turns you on more than fucking. You want to feel shemale cock in your ass as well.

And this somehow causes you to seek out girls who tell you how worthless you are. You will hear me in your head, clear as day, as if I am there with you. You belong to me, all of you. And I think I might be able to help you out. It will never go away, ever.

It swells becauseYou're going to be

So we could work out a nice arrangement. Your free will is gone from your empty head. Just a hard throbbing cock, on my command. Every word will bring you even deeper. So first I want you to worship my giant feet.

Losers don't deserve to orgasm