Ferrari Virtual Academy

Long life to digital purchases and internet dependencies! Intriguing that it has never caught on at all with so many simmers, self included. Ive never raced sim raceway. Ferrari have done this sort of thing before. Very shoddy business practice at best, some would say shady.

Drive F1 with the Ferrari Virtual Academy Simulator

For how long remains to be seen. Gutted as I still drive this every now and then! That will probably live forever. They should have made and offline patch.

Virtual Academy

Or the original installer executable. Sim Raceway may be the next? Kunos should make a tiny patch that makes the game playable in single player. They will doubtless have mentioned this possibility in the end user license. You can still play the game.

Ferrari Virtual Academy

The reason I expanded on my post was that i felt you assume the worse, and I tried to show you otherwise! Maybe Ferrari is fine with it. Better keep your fingers crossed with Raceroom.

Every aficionado will be able to record their own time online, taking part in an international tournament which will reward the highest ranking virtual drivers with Ferrari products every week. They will pass through the gates of Fiorano and take part in the exclusive Ferrari Driver Academy course, personally aided by the exceptional tutors of the Racing Department. If the servers are down then a patch should be released that allows it to play and verify offline.

Why bother if the anti-consumer consumers validate them? It would have been no skin off their nose. People who play and pay monthly fees will be left with nothing. And now they shut down everything. Do you own or did you order a Ferrari?

Not Simbin they patched offered the patch for free and then made these titles available onto a modern online platform that is at no risk of going anywhere. An excellent idea, but I doubt frerrai will allow.

What happens if simbin goes bankrupt? Why was it still for sale after the competition closed if it was just for the competition? Point being a corporation now controls your right to access a game and can take that away from you at any time, precedent has now been set, so what else will this effect think about that?

Ferrari Virtual Academy No Longer Available Independent Sim Racing News

Why do i ask, I merely explained what the industry standards are years max and that we should feel blessed that the standards from teh simracing devs are quite different. Some inspire perhaps more confidence than others too e. So now I have to throw it to trash? Share this page to your social networks.

Ferrari Virtual Academy

There are no server costs if the game is switched offline, yet here we are. This is one of those situations in which a crack would be very welcomed. If I were to make comparisons as to creare an example if Codemasters would have had Starforce issues they would have let those titles die. What else can they just take away that you paid for? As in, my car literally froze on the track multiple times per lap while the lap timer kept ticking.

Ferrari sucks, plain and simple. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Was just sharing the industry standard in general. That would be acceptable solution. Things like this can eventually happen when a company change the President and a big part of the staff after so many years.

Unless you release offline patch. Henrik was extremely generous to his employees and his customers and it created a financial strain in the long run Klaus has to be a bit more shrewd to try to makes thing work going into the future. If a game is temporary, then they can consider my payment for that game to be the same. Imagine the ruckus if iRacing went broke.

The fact that the game requires the online servers to work even in single player mode means the shutdown has essentially locked buyers out of the game they own. Either way it stinks as a piece of customer relations. As for what Ferrari is doing wrong unless they offer an offline patch.

Ferrari Virtual Academy (free version) download for PC

Removing validation might mean the assets could be stolen for use in mods, android game site which Ferrari would still probably dislike why else put validation on it in the first place? Ferrari uses cookies on its website to guarantee an excellent browsing experience to all of its users and to gather information regarding the use of the site itself. Ferrari has shut down their Ferrari Virtual Academy simulation game as players are no longer able to use the title. The Ferrari Virtual Academy is here Share this article.

It demonstrates the inherent long term disadvantage of any title that requires some form of online server connection to operate. What would happen if we started asking questions directly? Really you are going too far attacking this developer. Compared to other genres we have been spoiled.

This is the first time I can remember such a shut down occurring in sim racing. We use cookies, including those of third parties, to send personalised promotional messages. Sort this out please Kunos. Al least Ferrari should have announced the end in advance.

Why do you think they will close the doors also? Exactly we should get a refund. This means that probably someone have bought the game also in the last days. Have a look at our track record, and you see we do quite the opposite. They should at least have asked Kunos to adapt the title for offline racing, or refund the amount paid in credit in their store.

Stay connected to the ferrari digital networks. When I wanted to try again their servers were down completely.

Did you actually read the long agreement nobody cares to read before downloading something? The final challenge is approaching and numerous fans are taking part in this extraordinary initiative dedicated to those with the best lap times on the three tracks. When I tried it, it was a buggy mess.

Oh, I never meant to imply otherwise. Share this page to your social networks Share this on facebook Share this on twitter Share this on linkedin Share this somewhere else. Of course its for future enjoyment.