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International law states the country responsible for operations in an area has primary responsibility for disembarking rescue ships.

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He now wants as many as possible to be picked up by Libyan coastguards and returned. In June, the Aquarius picked up migrants off the coast of Libya, planning to take them to the nearest European port - the usual practice with such rescue missions. But the Italian government asked the ship to go to Malta rather than Italy, triggering a standoff that drew in the European Union and France. Esistono tecniche professionali di sbiancamento dei denti e metodi fai da te. In the past the Aquarius has waited for orders from the responsible authorities before moving ahead to rescue migrants aiming to reach Italy from Libya.

They also said other ships in the area had apparently ignored the migrants. The ship will be patrolling between miles from the Libyan coast, west of Tripoli, an area that is outside Libya's territorial waters but inside the Libyan search and rescue region. Per maggiori info non esiti a conttarmi.

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