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Perfect for one dancer or more. Our movement vocabulary has just been enlarged.

Pastor Lynn teaches from simple to more complicated dance steps in a fun encouraging way. The benefits of having this video are multiplied once you obtain it!

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This tutorial shows and teaches you tips and techniques. Each exercise is explained and demonstrated by Pastor Lynn. After practicing with it a couple of times i felt more confident and comfortable to take classes in a conference and not feel awkward. Very practical and valuable instructions! The lively and beautiful Christian music is also very motivating.

This video is great because you learn dance vocabulary as well as stretch. It's packed with a lot of basic movement vocabulary. These are some she teaches us Warm-up, Hip joint opener, and much more.

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The instruction is simple to understand and perform. From basic warm-up to across the floor technique, everything is in here for a beginner modern dancer.

Take a fresh look at Modern Dance as a style of dance movements that can be used for worshiping the Lord. You can do it alone or with a group.

What a great video it has nice warm-ups that you can do with your dance group and a lot of great modern dance movements that will increase your dance vocabulary. Excellent instruction is found in this video by Lynn Hayden! And as for the techniques and the tips that had been used by Pastor Lynn, they were so helpful and I liked a lot watching her demonstrating them. As a beginner in modern dance this dvd gave me a foundation of exercises and floor work to practice.

Shows techniques then practice steps. So much to apply to strengthen our team. This video helped me be more aware of my body during each movements, gave me proper warm up. This video gives great instruction and easy demostration on basic modren dance.

Awesome fresh Video for those who wants to incorporate some great warm up excises and routine movement to enhance their dance chorography. Since it is on a video they can be learned at your leisure, a wonderful plus. This is an excellent resource for dance ministry. Even when using the alternatives, you can still feel the effect of the stretch. This video is a beginning modern dance class that is great for dancers of any level for strength and review of technique already mastered, incorporating Graham-based movement.

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Using the activities of every limb of our body, it truly a must have. Great Demonstration with and without music. This is easy to follow for use at home by yourself or with a group.

You'll learn many techniques and patterns of modern dance to increase your dance vocabulary. Also inspiring ideas for choreography. You will get great ideas on movements to choreograph your dance. In floor exercises and stretches can be difficult but it feels good after. This video is a tremendously fun way to learn basic body movements for modern dance in your own home.

From warm up activies to strength exercises and movement across the floor. Great teaching with simple instruction making it easy for the beginner to learn even the more complex steps. It is taught in such a simple and easy to understand manner that even if you have never had any dance training you can follow this video and do Modern dance.

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Kept you on your toes and moving. It is very easy, with simple variations and very enjoyable to this do. Great introduction to modern dance.

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That statement truly says a lot as I am an older dancer. The really nice part is you can practice when it is convenient for you and you can learn at your own pace. There are thorough explanations presented for each exercise and the demonstrations are done by Lynn Hayden. It's a two for one, you become more flexible and your dance vocabulary increases. This video will broaden your dance vocabulary!

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It was Very easy to understand the movements associated with modern dance from the warmup to stretches to the movements! Pastor Lynn has given us tools in this video that allow you to enhance teaching skills with these basic moves that will give you extended creativity. Clear teaching and a good range of movement presented for learning.

Pastor Lynn gives many teaching tips throughout this video to ensure proper technique, safety and excellence in your presentations. The warm-up, stretching and across the floor exercises in this video are very comprehensive and carefully demonstrated.

What a Great influence of ballet! This can be done right at home and added to any team session for ease of implementing solid foundational teaching for the begiinner and advanced worship dancer. Easy to follow movements for the beginner.

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Once you learn these steps, you will be able to dance so much more freely! This video has so much creativity and movement skills to apply and fun and easy to learn that you will not know where to start outside of the warm up.

Hayden for anyone desiring to increase their basic dance launguage while also getting pysically fit. Great basic Modern dance workout and beginners technique. You will learn how to properly stretch before you dance. There are a lot of wonderful ideas and teaching in this dvd that will greatly enhance your dance movement vocabulary. Excellent dvd for teaching modern dance to beginners.

If you are a dancer and or lead a dance group, sung hoon and im soo hyang dating divas you need to get this one. Pastor Lynn is delightful in teaching modern dance movements. If you want to learn some Modern Dance this is the video for you. Pastor Lynn shares many modern dance techniques on the video.

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