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Propane & Kerosene Fueled Lanterns

August 2019

The fount is nickel-plated brass, but models in were painted green instead. Its green base differentiates it from normal s, and it is equipped with a matching lid reflector acquired directly from a Coleman factory representative. Model was the first of many successful single-mantle lanterns for Coleman.

  1. This one is undated, but was made in Hong Kong in the late s or early s, several years after the inception of this model.
  2. This lantern has never been lit and comes with all of its original packaging, which is in great condition.
  3. The final models and early As both had this same color scheme - a red ventilator top with a green-painted fount.

Coleman Lantern Globe Reference

Warren posted the dating info from the dealer catalog here. As for dating, few manufactured items are date coded. That was something Coleman did, maybe to assist in warranty work, or just because it was novel.

As a result the bail will not detach from an assembled lantern. The mica globe is a reproduction by Fred Kuntz. Moderators can not address member problems that occur outside the forum, sales, trades, personal messages.

Jerry s Coleman Collection -- Coleman Lanterns II

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Is this the manufacture date, and if not, where do I locate it? The check valve can be seen between the pump and filler cap. Leave the political soap box off the forum, no flaming or inflammatory posting. This Quick-Lite sports a curved air tube with a support rod, outside and an angle valve hidden underneath the globe to control the amount of lighting. The hard part is having an original bail to trace.

Vintage Coleman and Camping Lanterns

There are other examples of Coleman lantern models badged or marked for other Federal and state agencies on the next page and later. Especially good for night fishing. This brown model is dated August and has the same features as a regular B. The ball nut on this version of Model L, dated stamped Feb.

Vintage Coleman Lantern

The L of Hiram Strong Coleman's L was first made in the late s, as this one was - its add-on pump is indicative of an early model. They were the first Coleman model to have a pump as part of the lantern. Each of these lanterns has a unique glass globe and two mantles.

There is no air tube, either, which slightly reduced the weight. Thermos products start from when King Seeley and Thermos merged. All other specs are identical to its forerunner, the A. The Poultry House lantern is far rarer, but the Jumbo Gas lantern isn't common, either.

Thank you all for your replies. Please think of the Coleman Collectors forum as a community of fellow collectors with like interests. This twin-mantle F lantern is one of them. Might be worth looking at these in other collections to see if any others are marked in this way. These two Quick-Lite lanterns are unusual because the pump is only partially mounted in the fount.

Propane & Kerosene Fueled Lanterns

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  • This one is dated June and is presumably a A.
  • The biggest contributors to the nickel-plated brass lantern's excessive weight were its two-quart fuel capacity and enormous glass globe.
  • It survived and was bought by a Filipino collector based in Manila, who sold it to a collector in Japan, who sold it to a collector in Wisconsin, where it rests today.
Jerry s Coleman Collection -- Coleman Lanterns I
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Do not make your case in a post. Be civil, no personal attacks will be tolerated. The clamshell case is worth more than the lantern itself, but such anniversary treasures need to be preserved.


Details of the early construction of these models is shown below. The Quick-Lite L top image is dated Feb. It won't hurt to look at Terry Marshes sight for the approximate shape. Members in chat that choose to ignore the revised guidelines and continue to abuse the room privileges will find they have lost their access to the chat.

Vintage Coleman Lantern

The brackets in the middle portion of the ventilator center the mica globe image above. This lantern has been used and smells like a barn. Rude behavior can be looked up when a complaint is made. Model L is a Quick-Lite model with a wide ventilator.

So is the year that all trace of those older companies ceases. Posts that are deemed offensive, political, rants, or inappropriate will be deleted. This one, like the other two, was sold in Japan. Less than of them were shipped, and many have been lost with time. This kerosene lantern provides candlepower with a single mantle.

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It is roughly the same lantern, but it shunned the wood handle as a fire hazard. This lantern was also manufactured to be sold to the public. This lantern's most unique feature is its holed metal globe, which provides a unique, free dating though slightly more dangerous source of light.

We think the different style of the valve knobs indicates the type of generator. Password Forgot your password? The first production of instant lighting lanterns was in March, when Coleman made the L and L above- missing mica globe. This kerosene lantern from around is slightly larger than its forerunners and has a larger mantle. Coleman lantern Models left and the earlier L right.

It's my first non-Coleman lantern but needs new decals and bail as well, if anyone has one lying around. It is unclear where the number on the lantern's original packaging comes from. Aside from the color, it still is a single-mantle steel-founted lantern that has no differences from other colors.

The chimney was crafted of lighter-weight mica and the fount and top were still plated with nickel. The baffle plate in this lantern is stamped Sunshine Safety Lamp Co. This lantern is far rarer than its green brethren, but still features the same ribbed collar and everything you would expect.

Coleman US lanterns 1920 1930

The center globe cage base disk is stamped Sunshine Safety Lamp Co. If you encounter a problem with bad behavior, contact a moderator to address it. Thus, the fount is a lower-grade steel, which would become normal for Coleman lanterns in the ensuing decades. Despite the setbacks, the lantern sold well - after all, a candlepower portable lighting machine was enticing for many workers of the time.

It is an upgrade of earlier lanterns in its fuel selection, but is made from different parts to allow it to burn ethanol. Given their rarity, despite our having three, these lanterns sell for a good deal of money today. The B followed the wildly popular A, black speed dating and is much rarer than its predecessor.

Note the early filler cap shape and downturned baffle plate found on Quick-Lites in this period. The collar, generator, and cap nut are different from that model. Strong would most certainly approve that his lantern ended up in the hands of a diehard. Note the air tube along the left side of the fuel pickup tube, dating your mirror which is necessary for the Instant Lite feature. On my first one I just measured using a seamstress?

This, however, is not one of them. It is not moderated, but it is recorded in chat transcripts, even private chats are logged. Equipped with a heat shield, this lantern, like most modern Colemans, has variable light control to fit the needs of the situation, the biggest upgrade from the standard A. Senior Member posts jimbolonia Senior Member posts. For the occasion, a special Christmas A from April was our light-up lantern of choice.

Vintage Coleman and Camping Lanterns

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