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Lee Pai-Long, Jun's personal servant, has the full outfit and everything, but is much less stiff, seeing as he's a Bruce Lee Clone. The family tends to kill people with strong bodies to fill out their army of corpses. Only people of Asian descent can become Kuei-Jin. Clocking in at slightly above the two-hour mark, the film juggles all manner of themes concerning addiction, racism, classism and gender politics.

Rin Azuma from Yozakura Quartet is one, though she doesn't quite look the part. Oftentimes, these seemingly villainous predators can even serve as sympathetic protagonists or badass antiheroes.

Popularized in folklore and books, the vampire were a natural fit for the silver screen. Edit The corpse servants of the Tao family in Shaman King.

Later expansion adds a bishonen one, Yao Jun. Chiaotzu from Dragon Ball appears to be based on these, wearing a Qing Dynasty outfit and having extremely pale skin. Given the tight turnaround and the fact that director Genndy Tartakovsky had to shelve another project, that certainly seems to be the case.

Though mostly confined to horror, vampires have also bleed their way into everything from slapstick comedy to award-winning dramas. As the story opens, Kolchak is a washed-up reporter working a dead-end beat in Las Vegas. Taste the Blood of Dracula The third Hammer Dracula sequel is where things begin to go off the rails in this series.

Law portrays Steven, a London vampire in desperate search for the right woman to share his life with. The Lair of the White Worm. The film is set in a desert town where a group of vampires have decided to live out their eternal lives in peace and quiet. Luckily, a friendly monk who was just passing by joins your party and has a special ability to cure them. The third Sly Cooper has praying mantis Jiang-shi.

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Eons have passed since Vampires came to be, and it is our belief that Vampires must change with time to survive. Vampire, involves a Chiang-Shi getting loose in modern America.

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