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Roles and rewards are in place, but there is momentum, the engine runs on its own steam, developers are championing the collaboration process. This theory proved to be true a couple months later, when I was called again from the networking department and asked if I had made another cable. With these deployments no Rice components are deployed with the application.

After about an hour of fiddling with settings, I decided to give up and head downstairs for a break. My goal was not satisfied. Moving the processing to the client allows the processing to be transactional.

But consistency doesn't fetter innovation either, in teams that have produced leading software. Developers don't disagree with each other's approaches, they simply aren't aware of them and, if they were, they'd be able to quickly converge to a common approach. Kuali projects are free to use this as a model or create their own. In some cases this can become a burden on performance. Kuali Enterprise Workflow provides a common routing and approval engine that facilitates the automation of electronic processes across the enterprise.

By isolating many common technical concerns, application developers can focus their time on solving the business problems that are unique to their application. In bundled mode, all of Rice is deployed with the application. Within the standalone server deployment mode applications can choose to embed the workflow engine. Generally the bundled mode is used only for quick start prototyping or testing and is not recommended for a production deployment.

That's right, before then, it was all dial-up, baby. The group defines work and priorities for Rice and cross application projects. The biggest disadvantage to this mode is each bundled application maintains its own Rice data workflow data such as inboxes is a good example to think of. One due to the limitations of transactional processing, when workflow processing occurs on the server it is not maintained within the same client transaction. By simplifying the development process and emphasizing frequent testing and feedback, the software product has a much greater likelihood of meeting the user's needs.

The use of Rice for project development allows applications to build and evolve much more quickly. In addition to facilitating routing and approval workflow can also automate process-to-process related flows.

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Later, I got a call from someone in the networking department. The user interacts with the applications in a consistent manner and can more quickly learn new areas. It is suggested that this Committee provide a semi-annual formal presentation to the Rice Project Board and to the Kuali Foundation Board.

However it does contain some of the disadvantages as explained in the embedded workflow engine deployment. Not Invented Here Rice leverages existing open source solutions that meet the needs of the Kuali projects. It also provides management features for Identity, Groups, Roles, Permissions, and their relationships with each other. Workflow keeps a permanent record of all processes and their participants for auditing purposes.

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