Fixed double firing of ComboBoxEx

Datagridview cellvalidating date

This is accomplished via the

HoverDelayMultipler now applies to instances of AdvTree. FindNodeByDataKey now uses object. You can now define your own DisplayTemplate values and process them in this event.

MouseOverDataPointChanged event added which occurs when MouseOverDataPointIndex property changes due to user moving the mouse and pointing it to different data point on chart. Note that the default for this property has changed from false to true.

CalendarView TimeIndicator support added. AdvPropertyGrid improved read-only PropertyDescriptor.

Though this did not result in any loss of data, it would cause Visual Studio to attempt a restart. Support for items using same accelerator key on menu-panel added. AdvPropertyGrid now looks into PropertyDescriptor.

This would prevent the user from over-writing the arrow rendering if he should so choose. Can be hosted on menu, ribbon, toolbar or stand-alone.

This is accomplished via the addition of CalendarView. Fixed Highlighter control visibility issue with nested SuperTabControls. ColorScheme property added to specify color scheme for control. Added workaround for insufficient height returned by Graphics.

Fixed Highlighter control

If both are set ParentFieldName take precedence. Tooltip does not take value specified in LocalizationKeys. AdvPropertyGrid does not use Appearance.

AdvTree Auto-sizing support for ColumnHeader added. EnsureVisible behavior when scrolling items into view.