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Creating and updating duplicate databases with rman 11g

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Example You may want to synchronize a duplicate database with the original database that was duplicated. In this way, you avoid interfering with the source database. Data file backups can be supplied as either image copies or backup sets. So the same folder should be created at the auxiliary server and all backup files should be copied to that folder. In general, the more channels you allocate for disk backups, the faster the duplication.

The task here is to refresh the standby with the latest changes to the primary, so that it can resume its role as a standby database. Use a network-accessible tape server. The disk space on the destination host can be an issue when you perform duplication using disk backups.

Ensure that the auxiliary instance is started with a text-based initialization parameter file and not a server parameter file. If the source database is not open, then the database does not require instance recovery. If the names of the database files in the source database contain a path, then this path name must be the same in the duplicate database. Example creates a duplicate of the source database prod as it appeared in in a previous database incarnation.

Example You may want to

If the source database backups already exist, and if the effect on the network is unacceptable, then backup-based duplication may be a better option. You are using automatic channels for disk and sbt, which are already configured. In particular, this capability makes it possible to reverse the effects of converting the standby into a reporting database.

You can mix full and incremental backups of individual data files, but a full backup of every data file is required. If the source database is open, then archiving must be enabled. You are responsible for determining that the duplicate operation will not overwrite useful data. Using a text editor, create an empty file for use as a text-based initialization parameter file. You must create this incremental backup on disk for it to be useful.