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After the gift exchange Bobbi handed out gift cards to folks that had planned and led drives during the year. Being a holiday weekend, lots of locals were out and waved as our string of grinning cars drove by. Things got started with a social hour with lots of cold beverages and snacks in the air-conditioned arcade room at Rivertown Brewery's Taproom in Lockland. We discussed the calendar and made updates, which are being added to the website calendar. Bobbi also recognized and thanked club officers for serving this year and folks that have led drives the last couple of months of the driving season.

Rob stuck around for a bit after the meeting to test his skill with the various arcade games and pin-ball machines available for free play. My request is for every member to get involved in the planning process and participate in as many drives as you can. It's always a pleasure to visit your home. It turned out that four cars from the Windy City Miata club came down from Chicago to join us. Tim and I were the only ones to join hosts Buddy and Sue Smith.

Looks like another outstanding Miata year coming up! Kudos were handed out at the finish, with most of the participants saying the drive was one of the best drives they had ever been on. Several folks requested a repeat which I may plan when the leaves are turning. Two delightful events in two days - meeting last evening hosted by Gary and Cindy Miller and a drive to Stream Cliff Farm for lunch today led by Gary and Cindy Miller -yep, same couple!

Below are Chegg supported textbooks by Stephen Ross. Treasurer Tim Ross reported that we have a nice bank balance and more dollars coming in as folks renew their membership. Sherry Glover agreed to be the club contact as Ross's will be out of town that weekend. After dinner and social time, club president, Bobbi Ross called the meeting to order. This is the online version of the fifth edition of the book.

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Income assistance recipients can still access funding for the same special needs as they did before. Bobbi let us have first pick of the Mazda Swag from this year. Look for more information about Doug and Allison in the next newsletter. We'll definitely have to put this on the calendar for another year.

After a fantastic meal of sumptuous dishes we had a group brain storming session to come up with ideas for drives and club outings for the season. Tim's ride looked pretty exhilarating! On the drive back, at least one member not naming names got caught in an afternoon rain shower with his top down. They might be unveiling the new Miata at this event.

She also had some wonderful deserts for those of us with a sweet tooth. One point is issued for each event - highest point total wins Mazda swag. But speaking out, demonstrating and holding our provincial and federal politicians accountable could help. Mazda swag will be given away at the December meeting and holiday party.

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The Fifteenth Edition has been thoroughly updated and revised with current research and concepts. One idea was to print up several copies of the special edition of Miatas in Motion describing our Hocking Hills drive and the Eastern Ohio Memorial Day overnighter to hand out at the Concourse.

The club has several from Mazda Corporate. Ross Corporate Finance Stephen A. Those two strategies, along with spurring economic development, must be considered because of the province's dire finances, ble dictionary Premier Darrell Dexter said Monday. They also discussed some business items related to finance and the events schedule.

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There was even a Bacon Explosion of piggy tastiness. One gift got left behind, so if you dropped or forgot to pick up the Motorola Talkabout microphone, contact Bob Askin. Ken and Chris Bogart's home. Select a textbook to see worked-out Solutions.

Corporate Finance

Stephen Ross Solutions

Thank you, Bob, for handling this! Hopefully it is something easy to find and fix in the charging system.

The club challenge this year was to attend the most club sponsored events. This is always a fun time and some great gifts were shared. Remember you can't bring a White Elephant gift from last year to put back into circulation. The federal government, in our view, must play a lead role. The club provided ham and everyone else brought dishes to share.

All in all it was a pretty good drive except for Ken's misfortune. While the stock market sinks into the West, there is good news on the sports car market front.

The tire rim clock was the most stolen gift after the mystery gift. Check the club website for all upcoming events. Looks like the club driving season is officially underway!

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Considering using this product for your course? Tim talked about the new Tech Team and a recent project at Gary Miller's house.

Check the March newsletter and club website for a list of the town names to complete this challenge. Bobbi reviewed the upcoming calendar of events. Featured were Camaros and Firebirds. Once again the Bogart residence filled with hungry Miata folks for another fun evening of food and laughter. Look for more in the upcoming August newsletter in the Miatas in Motion article where we'll share more impressions and details of the event.

Corporate Finance

Bob Askin and John Haas are retiring from their positions. Page founder John Roberto has decided to pursue other car interests and Pete has stepped into the administrator role with a bang. Club members brought a dish to share and there was plenty of food.

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