Dicky finds comfort in Ms

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The fat boy is in love with Maggie who is in love with Dicky who is in love with another girl who is taken by the bully, Johnny. When a group of students see the alien with Dicky they forcibly take it and try to cut it but nothing seems to work. He lives in a partially demolished house with his nine-year-old son, Dicky.

They try many ways Using batteries, using electric shock and injecting glucose, those scenes look funny to get him back but are unsuccessful. Then Ti threatens his boss that if he continues saying his son cheated he will hit him. They are then punished for fighting. Ti meets Dicky at home and gets angry with him for lying.

The next morning Dicky finds Ti sleeping next to him. The ball inside his antenna falls and disintegrates, and he turns into a doll. The following evening, the green orb transforms into a cuddly alien creature that befriends Dicky. The alien comes out of the backpack, and lies on the table, powerless. He finds a strange green orb and takes it home, telling Dicky that it is a new toy.

Dicky finds comfort in Ms. In the end, it is shown that everything is back to normal. Dicky tries to hit one of the students but a fat boy stops him who in turn is stopped by Maggie, a fatter and much larger girl. That night, Ti visits the junkyard where he often picks up home appliances and clothes for Dicky. At last they try to use a drill and Dicky jumps on them.

The ball insideThe next morning