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We did it all in one take. With the ever-growing fame and fortune, Charlie has invited a long list of names to be associated with him. Like the music video, the performance ended with a kiss between the two. Thank You Trainor performing in Washington, D.

Charlie, with his soothing voice and an attractive personality definitely knows his way around women. This led to speculation that the two were in a romantic relationship. He even sent an invitation to his concert but Liza was not able to attend Charlie's concert. However, after a series of rumors, it seems Charlie might have found someone special to love finally.

My father plays the piano and organs on one song. Charlie Puth, like many before him, has faced continuous media attention which has given birth to several rumors regarding whom he is involved with. There have been no recent pictures of them being together or hanging out so we can think its probably over.

With the bachelor tag around his neck, Charlie has thus been linked with several girls post his stint with Hailee Steinfeld coming to an end. After a long wait, Charlie definitely looks to be happy around Halston. She earned her first songwriting royalties by writing for Italian and Danish artists. There had been a lot of gossips twirling about these two however despite many claims of them being together, there hasn't been any hard and concrete evidence to verify it. She has been a role model to lots of girls but she is always linked to the guys.

She told me she was not with him anymore. That article was written forever ago. She sang lead and background vocals on demos for other artists, with her vocals occasionally being used on the final recording.

My father plays the piano and

There were many pictures of them together going out. After being continuously linked with a series of popular Hollywood names around the world in his career duration, it finally seems Charlie has had enough. They do make beautiful music as a duo, but it looks like that's all their relationship ever was. Meghan Trainor is an American singer, songwriter, occasional rapper, musician and record producer.

She also voiced a character called Smurfmelody in the movie. Charlie and Selena Gomez posted a few cute selfies on Instagram, along with a vid of them singing together. Charlie Puth's Instagram The two have been spotted together on several Instagram post of the See You Again singer, holding hands in hands and enjoying each other's company. Very short-lived, very small, but very impactful.

The dancers were making out and I'm sure some of the other dancers were making out. Some were sure that it was all a publicity stunt, but Charlie confirmed years later that it was all real. So, basically, no one knew what really happened between them. In one day, she knew the whole thing. Often, they will be seen enjoying just a casual meeting or a friendly chit-chat, but it gets so much of attention and hype that it becomes very confusing and a new hot gossip in the town.

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Still, some people are obsessed with the relationship between those two but if they were together then we can say that they are not that involved nowadays. What used to be the hottest topic of the town soon cooled down with the slowing of Charlie's social media appearance with Hailee.