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Asymmetry might indicate edema of dental origin or the consequence of trauma. Note the disappearance of the shadow of the zygomatic process of the maxillary bone and the proper dimensional relationships between the buccal and the palatal roots. Such displacements may not be so easily obtained in the radiograph if the tooth is unnaturally rotated around its own axis.

In contrast to visible light, however, they are not perceptible to the eye because of their short wavelength to cm. The size of the focal spot. Many endodontic treatments may be done without anesthesia, and when it is necessary it may be used without a vasoconstrictor. Schematic diagram of the dental lamina and its distal extension in the lower right jaw, seen from the inside. Recently, the system has been optimized, the safety and the cutting efficiency have been improved, and the range of teeth that could be shaped using this method has been increased.

Connective fibers and vessels of the dental sac at the periphery of the enamel organ Courtesy of Prof. While the ice is applied, the assistant should aspirate the cold water of the melting stick, which, dripping on the adjacent tooth, could yield a false positive response. In contrast, the odontoblasts do not disappear after the tooth has completely formed. Well-known, international contributors share guidelines, expertise, and their clinical experience with contemporary technologies and procedures. This technique, however, does not always yield precise responses, since it is inevitable that at least the conductive paste touches both the metallic border and the gum.

The problem of fractured instruments will be more thoroughly discussed in the chapter on retreatment. The epithelial invagination begins to surround the underlying dental papilla and suggests the future cementoenamel junction Courtesy of Prof.


Introduction to dental anatomy. Finally, palpation can provide information about the mobility of the teeth and the presence of an apical fenestration or an alveolar fracture. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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To perform the heat test on teeth with full gold crowns, one can use a polishing rubber disk in a rotary handpiece revolving at a low speed, generating frictional heat against the metal. He demonstrated that streptococci were present in many diseased organs and that they could cause infection at some distant site by hematogenous spread.

Castellucci professional experience. Experience In Florence from Castellucci endodontics reference point for Endodontics. Inoltre ci castellucci endodontics di utilizzare cookies di parti terze. Clinical and surgical endodontics.

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Since then, there have been numerous advances and developments, and research has proceeded continuously. Note that the two radiolucencies have healed. Factors influencing the radiographic appearance of bony lesions. This test demonstrates the cracked tooth syndrome.

In this case, the rays are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground, but the body is inclined with respect to them. Therefore, a means of relieving this pain, such as anesthesia or, more simply, cold water or an ice cube must be within reach. Extensive caries of the bifurcation of the mandibular first molar required tooth extraction. The preconditions of correct radiographic interpretation are good techniques in taking and developing the radiograph. The patient should not feel pain, but only a moderate sensation, which recedes immediately after the removal of the stimulus.


The enamel organ begins to surround the underlying dental papilla. Oral Sepsis in its relationship to systemic disease.

Note the periodontal involvement. Higher magnification of the framed area on the right. Roentgenographic and direct observation of experimental lesions in bone. Healing of the fistula after extraction of the third molar in dysodontiasis. Bringing the film close to the object is equivalent to increasing the distance between the focal spot and the object.

The diagnosis of vertical fracture of the root will be discussed in detail in the chapter on endodontic-periodontal relationships. The angulation of the target is very important, since it determines the size of the radiographic source focal spot. They are therefore of mesenchymal origin. Or, if it is still necessary, the electric test can be performed after the cavity test. In the case of upper molars, especially if their roots are not wide apart, radiographs frequently demonstrate the apices of the buccal roots to be superimposed on the palatal root Fig.

Therefore, this time the X-ray angle will be distomesial, so that the root is displaced mesially and in the new radiograph it appears in the space immediately distal to the second premolar Fig. Those with higher energy, which are capable of penetrating anatomical structures, are useful for radiologic diagnosis. During the bell stage, an epithelial proliferation of the dental lamina that develops at the point where it joins the enamel organ Gubernaculum dentis is already recognizable. Its lesion is draining through the periodontal ligament of the molar, krpano panorama viewer in the area of the furcation. The test is performed while the assistant aspirates the water produced by the melting ice stick so as not to have false-positive responses from the adjacent teeth.

Furthermore, the zygomatic process of the maxillary bone is very often superimposed on the apices. Actually, before undertaking a surgical approach, it is always advisable, if not indeed mandatory, to perform or at least to attempt a conservative, non-surgical therapy.

Percussion test performed with the handle of the mirror. Note the lingual position of the primordium of the permanent tooth. It is a marvelous accomplishment and I admire the patience and dedication that you have exhibited to give birth to this book.

Roentgenographic interpretation of experimentally produced bony lesions. In the case of the upper first molars, it is advisable that the shadow of this structure is displaced distally, angling the X-rays mesiodistally. This represents a case of periapical dysplasia of the cementum or periapical osteofibrosis in the osteolytic stage. The distribution of oral streptococci in the tissue.

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