Burning with passion with our friend

The doorbell rings right after the h's decision and the H's biggest and most corrupt business rival shows up uninvited to cause big drama. He is furious about the personal phone calls and puzzled as to why the h is dumping his neglectful self.

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The h is in tears and the H is shocked, she brushes him off as she races off to talk to her dad. The stage is set when the H and the h's dad walk in right before the big gala starts. The h decides that she may not be getting the H's love and devotion, but at least she can keep her dignity and self respect.

The h immediately assumes that the H had them sent as a Valentine's surprise and decides to rethink her end of the line relationship stance.

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She has been her boss's lover for going on four months, he swept her off her feet and into bed with the same ruthless, organized tenacity that he runs his ergonomic furniture manufacturing firm. Born in Australia and currently living in a beachside property on the central coast of New South Wales, she travels extensively to research settings and increase her experience of places and people.

As mentioned in that post, fire not only consumes what surrounds it but it has the ability to spread throughout the vicinity. Tucsonans were tough, independent and scrappy. God desires that we know Him intimately and that our lives burn with passion.

This brave lady who crossed the ocean to tell boys and girls the Gospel made me cry every Christmas.