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Jessica goes to get her son and tells Ford that she will never let him see Ryder, this prompts Ford to cause Tess to re-emerge. Viki is devastated, as her own alternate personality Niki Smith had been around at the time and had left Jessica unattended. Meanwhile, Jessica is struggling with Bess, and tries to take control back from Tess. Tess tells Ford her plan to elope with him in order for him to see Ryder.

When Jessica returns she finds Natalie and Brody in bed with each other. Brody storms out of the room and Jess follows him. Natalie reveals to a shocked Brody and Jessica that Liam's father is Brody. Antonio forgives Carlotta, and in November discovers that a presumed-dead Cristian is still alive but possessing no memories of his former life. She tries to get Brody to forgive her, and he spills to Jess about him and Natalie.

Furious, Tess knocks out Ford and leaves him. Ford comforts her and he, Jessica, Ryder, and Bree go to the park for a family date. Natalie reminded Jessica that she was actually more family than Jessica was. There they learn how to have equal rights to Ryder and how he can be a part of their lives.

Jessica tears through Brody but mostly Natalie after a run in with her and John. Tess reveals to all of Llanview about Charlie's affair assuring Ford that it will help them in their custody case. Natalie added that she had forgiven Jessica for her wrongs, but Jessica had been unable to return the favor. Natalie says Jessica hid behind Tess and it is her fault. She is horrified about Gigi's death, but is determined to see that Clint receives her heart.

Later, Jessica is passing Natalie in the hallway, and they lash out at each other. Natalie grabbed her head and then slapped Jessica as hard as she could. She first sees Brandeis and her expensive handbag, immediately interested in befriending her. Jessica says that she would never betray her sister, and she will pay her back on her own, not as Tess. Jessica accused Natalie of successfully destroying the family just as she'd set out to do when she'd first arrived in Llanview.

This causes Jessica to emerge for a few moments before Bess regains control. Carlotta relates how she and husband Diego adopted Antonio to protect him from his father's enemies. After reuniting with Brody, Jessica soon discovers that she is pregnant. She quietly checks herself into St. Viki then suspects the two bonding.

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When the two walk angrily out the door Ford watches and causes to Jessica crying on his shoulder. Jessica wondered how it would be around holiday tables, and she stated that the family was not happy with Natalie's choice. Nash and Antonio form an unlikely friendship as Jessica adjusts to the aspects of Tess now present in her own personality. Natalie couldn't believe that Jessica had held onto that thought after so many years.

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She returns home to take care of Ryder when Ford walks in, calling out for Tess. She survives, but Tess escapes to New York City. She pursues him with no luck as she pushes a heartbroken Brody away. Brody is later furious to discover he may not be the baby's father, but he and Jessica reconcile. Natalie disagreed, and she began to explain how Brody had waited for Jessica for months.