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In many cases, combining an antidepressant with talk therapy psychotherapy is more effective than taking an antidepressant alone. My son is nine years old and wets the bed. And sometimes a combination of medications may be an option. Paroxetine and sertraline have been associated with slightly more cases of nausea. Advertisement Protein binding Fluoxetine, paroxetine and sertraline are highly protein bound.

Sertraline exhibits a sex- and age-dependent half-life. Interaction with other medications. Oddly, just time mostly, and I stuck with the Toprol and I started taking a multi-vitamin. Listen anxiety can cause the craziest symptoms. Analysis of the clinical trials suggests that fluvoxamine and fluoxetine are less likely to produce sexual side effects than paroxetine and sertraline.

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Some antidepressants can cause dangerous reactions when taken with other medications. Thank you icephixia Hi, I honestly have a sollution for you palpitations. Weight gain Weight gain is another troubling side effect. Bothersome side effects, such as dry mouth, weight gain or sexual side effects, can make it difficult to stick with treatment. Quitting suddenly may cause a sudden worsening of depression.

Dry mouth Citalopram and paroxetine are more likely to cause dry mouth than escitalopram and fluoxetine. Talk with your doctor or therapist if you need help with alcohol or drug problems.

Each type class of antidepressant affects these neurotransmitters in slightly different ways. This is a scary operation but i was willing to do it because i could not live with the palpitations anymore, I was even willing to get a pace maker because the palps gave me terrible anxiety. See if the side effects improve.

Symptoms of depression can vary, and one antidepressant may relieve certain symptoms better than another. Anyways hope you read this.

Plasma concentrations of these drugs are proportional to the daily dose administered and, therefore, predictable. Half-life can be used to estimate how long it will take to clear a drug from the body after treatment is discontinued.