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He was authoritarian, a sort of a Hitler-like leader with no tolerance for failure. From this period, Di Sarli recorded Tangos from his initial period including the classic Bahia Blanca using the five best violinists from the Teatro Colon, which was a real feat.

Later on, he started dating, got married and raised a family. Talk to me about Di Sarli, online dating monogamy the director and about his orchestra.

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One day, as he juggled a ball outside the theater, the manager sent him out to buy cigarettes for a generous tipper. Moreno had a very melodious voice and Picherna has to play it three or four times at least at Confiteria Ideal, a sort of modern day Lonely Hearts Club for locals and tourists. He faced a new way of life, and for a variety of reasons he decided to dedicate his work to playing music for dancing. Felix Picherna repeats what he has said on television and often at Confiteria Ideal.

Troilo is akin to Julio De Caro. Couples, mostly in their senior citizen years move with an attitude of having been there before. He remind us that a couple of generations were lost to the tango. Pugliese was a carbon copy of Julio De Caro. Argentines are very proud of the freshness, tenderness and flavor of their meat, and Picherna is curious about the dietary habits of Californians.

People who learn today are doing so over existing foundations. For a man with very traditional viewpoints, he surprises us with very progressive positions. The lunch crowd in the dining room looks like the whole neighborhood is there to eat. Yet, Deval did not create anything, but just imitated.

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Her contribution is devoted to offline bigdata analysis techniques for network traffic characterization. The air fills with the scent of T-bone steaks, and heaps of crisp and colorful salad contribute to the mouth watering experience. He wants to know if the dancers in North America are mostly Latinos with an Anglo minority. Pele and Maradona were the greatest of the great. Ventanita de arrabal for example is one of the greatest legacies of the Gardel who later became commercially popular around the world.

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Di Sarli was a perfectionist that could not admit any mistakes. Later he found out that the generous tipper was none other than tenor Beniamino Gigli.

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For a man riding the wave of popularity, rather than listening to himself talk, Picherna is curious about the state of the tango abroad. There is a dark cloud that surrounds the controversy among the traditionalists who followed Canaro and the innovators who admired De Caro. There has been only one Louis Armstrong.

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