So I picked up a sound bar

Auvio soundbar hookup

It looks great but sounds terribleAnd if you don't want

And if you don't want to invest in the money or effort required for a full home theater system, you can get good results from a sound bar. It looks great but sounds terrible.

In fact, with your system, the wireless sub and sound bar come pre-paired to each other from the factory. So I picked up a sound bar. Once you have the inputs connected, and the sound bar and sub placed more or less in their final positions, plug the power cables into both the sub and sound bar and make sure they turn on.

Check the user manual that came with the sound bar for details on how to get this set up with your specific remote control. If you're going to wall mount the sound bar, you should probably wait until all connections have been made and tested. Sounds like you're putting together a nice system there.

But again, this shouldn't be necessary unless the subwoofer loses its connection to the sound bar. Adjust the subwoofer volume dial on the back of the sub until you reach the most natural blend between low and high frequencies then you can leave it there. The light should then turn green to show that the devices have been paired.

This way sound will only come out of the sound bar. For best results and simplicity, I would suggest using the fiberoptic digital input. But you don't use cables for this as the sub is wireless. Boston Acoustics makes some nice-sounding ones.