Jamie was surprised to hear that

Are jamie and eddie dating on blue bloods

Jamie was surprised to hear that. Don't vilify them for trying to do it the right way. Thankfully, Jamie ducked out of the way of the bullet, Eddie fired at the hitman.

Jamie, almost like he was doing a magic trick, surprised everyone by bringing her out and then after that, Eddie introduced herself as his future wife. In the end, Jamie agreed to take the promotion, which means the two will be separated anyway. As I said, this is a big topic of discussion. The two shared a hug, and off-camera, got engaged. It is later discovered that one of the men was ordering murders from afar.

Don't vilify them for

Early in the episode, Eddie's Vanessa Ray life was put in danger when she rushed into a building on fire to save a life. The admission comes after Eddie struggles with being jealous about Jamie inviting a struggling girl they meet on the job to stay with him. It colors a lot of things now more openly than it did before.

While Jamie waited for Eddie, who was getting something to eat, the hitman tried to kill Jamie. Of course, Frank Tom Selleck does not want his son Jamie and Eddie to continue as partners on the job. They could understand why Jamie would want to work with Eddie, but others knew why Frank did not want them policing in the same cruiser. Later they showed up together, and Jamie introduced Eddie as the future Mrs.

Apparently, all it took for Jamie to make a move here was for him to undergo a near-death experience. They have extreme love for each other, so that is where I think the biggest complication comes for her. Later, Jamie and Eddie are trailed by a hitman with a New Jersey license plate.

Jamie was surprised to hear

The hitman drove forward, crashing into a parked car and died. Eddie and Jamie admit they have feelings for each other. This is a situation that they have dealt with a hundred times.

The firefighters did not want Jamie Will Estes intruding, but he rushed in anyway. It definitely has been fun to play it. By and large, we anticipate that being a very different season based solely on the way in which this finale ended alone.

They could have lied by omission, but they didn't. Eddie saved his life in the midst of a chaotic scene near the end of the episode and in the aftermath of that, you could almost see Jamie completely strip away any of his bluster or fear. Fans were so happy about the great news.