This is called as Basavan Temple

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Vayu forcefully, that the top of the mountain with the head of Adisesha were thrown into earth on three places with flesh and blood. Vayu, out of anger, stopped the air as a result all living beings fainted. Sages and Celestials requested Adisesha to release his hold. The town has a hill, which is about ft. She will not be seeing her husband from the time of Vijayadashami as he will reside in the temple till the Karaga is over.

Vayu forcefully that

All the rituals are steeped in secrecy. Navagraha are also installed in the temple. Gowdas, Ganacharyas, Chakridaararu are the ordained sects among the Vahnikula Kshatriyas to carry the tradition of conducting the Karaga. The motorway and the renovated Rajagopuram are of recent origin.

Muthuswamy Deekshitar has sung of this shrine in Ardhanareeswaram in Kumudakriya. The idols of Birungi Munivar and Arunagirinathar are found inside the temple.

The Modern Tamil word for temple is koil, titular worship was also given to kings. Although the sanctum faces the West, entrance to it is from the South. The road path she has travelled by car on those days also.

These wells were built near Hindu temples to accommodate bathing and cleansing activities before prayer. The union of these principles is exalted as the root and womb of all creation, another view is that Ardhanarishvara is a symbol of Shivas all-pervasive nature. He was instructed to retrieve it and build a temple. The temple has a square sanctum garbhagriha which is surrounded by a narrow passageway.

Vayu out of anger stopped