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Raise one leg out to the side towards the surface of the water, as high as you can. Water Aerobic Exercises for Pregnant Women Aqua aerobics is particularly beneficial for pregnant women. Getting Toned inside the Pool The mainstay of these exercises is the resistance provided by water which makes basic activities, such as walking, a challenge. Many people in this age group have age-related conditions like brittle bones.

Similarly, do the repetitions of the other kicks. Depending on fitness level one can either choose to march or jog in the water. No matter what direction you move in, water will resist you. Stand in waist-high water and grab the wall of the pool with both hands. In each of these sets you'll do three exercises for a minute each, followed by aqua running for three minutes.

Hold the position for a few seconds and then release your legs. Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Starting at the shallow end of the pool, lift your legs up so that your toes are out of the water. Stand next to a wall in the pool, facing it with your right side. Separate your legs and do flutter kicks. Float on your stomach, holding an inflatable ball in front of you with your arms straight.

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Jog slowly up and down the pool without letting your feet touch the bottom. Don't let your feet touch the ground during this exercise. Roll over onto the top of the ball, the roll onto your back again. Then, shoot your legs out to the right and come back to center. Water Aerobics Routines for Seniors Along with increasing muscle strength, water aerobics can help you lose fat and achieve great flexibility.

According to estimations, about calories are burned in a whole session. Bring a bottle of water with you to the pool. Then, pull your arms apart and force them back to the sides. For those looking to get into shape, water aerobics for weight loss is the way to go.

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To break out of this vicious circle, low impact exercises can fulfill all the functions that are needed to ensure fitness. Repeat the exercise for reps. Appropriate workout wear will streamline you in the pool. Lower the leg and then switch sides.

Most of the water aerobics exercise do not require any equipment, however, water weights, benches, noodles, etc. Performed under the guidance of a trained instructor, the routines can form a strength training workout, helping to build lean muscle mass along with strengthening joints and bones. It's not unusual for the limitations of age to place boundaries on the amount of physical activity that is feasible. Pick up the intensity so that holding a conversation would be difficult because you're breathing so hard. Besides, apart from getting an overall workout, exercises concentrated on the injured part can also be safely done, thus helping to quicken recovery.