Luckily, Fiona revives her

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Extra first reported the news. Descensum - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to descend into the netherworlds of the afterlife.

She also believes that studentJoan is later killed by

Whilst hiding, Audrey discovers Rory's corpse looming over them. He turns on the voodoo witches and conducts a shooting at Cornrow City. He later is interrogated by Zoe, Nan and Queenie about Madison's murder, claiming he was responsible, though Zoe is skeptical. The two escape and try to return to the house, unable to find Monet before the Polks could. She is observed as the leader of the girls.

Mallory, Dinah Stevens, and Coco St. Unlike the other students, she is also very proficient at casting spells. Lee ends her sobriety, and Matt finds her on the kitchen floor.

Lee thinks she'll be able to relate to her more than any other talk show host. Lee comes to Audrey's aid when she hears her screaming, finding Shelby's corpse and a bloodied Dominic in the corner.

She also believes that student witch Mallory will be the next Supreme. Joan is later killed by Nan, who uses the power of concilium to make Joan drink bleach.

Lee asks Monet to capture the body as proof of what has just happened. Delphine is re-discovered by Nan and a war rekindles between the voodoo tribe and the witches when Fiona digs Delphine up and houses her to use as a bargaining chip against Laveau. Only the mastery of the Seven Wonders could prove that.