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Staley's funk band also required a guitarist at the time, and Staley asked Cantrell to join as a sideman. Cantrell had the band's engineer, Paul Figueroa, come in to his house and record a lot of his vocals and solos there. Like you do everyone else that exposes your crap. This was mabe a man that felt to much.

Or, do you give it a shot, try something? Articles Discography List of songs List of awards and nominations. Fight the battle all alone there is alot this man kept to himself he lived inside his own mind which is why people thought he was a recluse.

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The name nutshell suggests that it is a summary of his feelings at that present time and his fight through life made worse by his drug addiction, in a nutshell. Email me when new interpretations are posted for Nutshell. The band reunited in for a live benefit show, performing with a number of guest vocalists. We're willing to take a chance on it. Then we started being called alternative metal.

Kinney made calls to his former bandmates, as well as friends in the music community, such as former Alice in Chains manager Susan Silver. This is actually our lives. And I know for a fact in my heart that if we were to continue that I wouldn't be on the phone right now talking to you. It's amazing that they have such a connection but they seem to act like it happened to them.

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Put her in bondage and stuff like that. This is Staley exaggerating the depressive dark feelings that he feels. It's a song about being depression, feeling like there's no getting up again. Jerry and I funded the whole album, and we spent lots of our own money, because we believe in this. It is also the slow movement of time.

Following the tour, Alice in Chains entered the studio to record demos for its next album, but ended up recording five acoustic songs instead. Black Gives Way to Blue debuted at No. Rainier Fog debuted at No.

Free Nutshell Alice Chains Download Songs Mp3

This record is us moving on, and hurting. That darkness was always part of the band, but it wasn't all about that. It was an immediate give-away.

Unplugged Live Live Facelift. Although the band has changed, we've lost Layne, we've added Will, and there was no master plan.

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He very likely felt that no one around him understood him and that there was no place to go that anyone ever would. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The album also debuted at No. The path of time is his own drug use and his inevitable mortality from it.

Also he tells us how he's fighting through life by himself, layne later became reclusive which shows he must have been feeling very alone. And yet I fight This battle all alone No one to cry to No place to call home Expressing the feelings of being at the bottom of your world.

Alice in Chains toured extensively in the U. There's a lot of intense feelings. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Alice in Chains singles discography. Earl Brown attempts to make a documentary on Alice in Chains without any help from the actual band, music sites for macbook pro interviewing other musicians instead. Alice In Chains Song Meanings.

This song originally appeared on Jar of Flies and represents the unique acoustic sound Alice in Chains has created. It's completely a reunion because the three of us who're left are back together. The band broke up for six months.

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Godsmack singer and founder Sully Erna has also cited Layne Staley as his primary influence. Reflecting on the band's hiatus in a interview, Kinney said that Staley wasn't the only one battling addiction.

He will be his own person or die. This is the band's debut single and is considered the song that popularized the band. If we had kept going, there was a good chance we would have self-destructed on the road, and we definitely didn't want that to happen in public.

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Along with his voice, long strenuous flat notes. The song originally appeared on the soundtrack to the film Singles. That, to me, is a victory.

Mike Inez and Sponge lead vocalist Vin Dombroski joined the supergroup soon after. Thats my view on it anyway. As we all know, Layne Staley's demise was based on depression and drug addiction, so it was right up his alley.

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Was he attacking the Bible or religious institutions, or simply the worlds systems that has influenced everything from religious institutions to the federal government. At the end each verse there is a riff with a note bend, this is the weeping of Staley. These are all valid and interesting interpretations but I wanted to mention one thing about Layne and Jerrys song writing.

If I can't be my own I'd feel better dead Once again, it's just complete depression. As if walking through life on a thin rope, swaying along this rope very loosely not caring if Staley falls to his death. Metal Machines Louder Faster Stronger. It's a tough thing to go through.