Alex from below deck dating kristin cavallari

Alex from below deck dating kristin cavallari

LuAnn and Kelly are translating for Ramona that another woman is thinking of her husband, Mario. While in a fabric store, Jill runs into her old friend Brad, not coincidentally, who invites the women to his birthday party that night. Kercher was found dead on the floor of her bedroom.

Alex is excited as she's on the committee and can't wait for Simon's speech and Sonja is getting nervous as she is Grand Marshall of the event and will kick off the march as the final speaker. The case received widespread state and national press attention at the time of her disappearance. Although Jill and Ramona have been on their best behavior with each other on the trip, they have put their impending talk off for too long and finally decide to chat. Ramona realizes that she hasn't been devoting enough time to Mario and plans a romantic night for them at a luxury hotel.

Jill joins Cindy on a trip to the dentist to fix Cindy's troubled teeth. The subsequent prosecutions of Knox and Sollecito received international publicity.

Ramona, surprisingly, has been asked to walk in yet another fashion show. While there, Cindy betrays Sonja's confidence in a big way. The newest Housewife Cindy Barshop, owner of Completely Bare spas, is having an art party and all the girls show up, invited by Ramona, Cindy's friend.

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Things are still tense between Jill and Alex as this is the first time they've seen or spoken to each other in months. Meanwhile, Alex supports Simon through a hypnotherapy session in order to quit smoking.

Her disappearance puzzled investigators and an aggressive search for her was conducted in the area surrounding her home. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Back in the city, Jill hosts an Anti-Bullying charity event, inviting all of her friends, even Ramona - but with too much wine too early in the day - the ladies wonder how the trip will go.

Travel Reservations With all the fighting that has been going on between the girls, LuAnn decides the best solution is to take a ladies trip somewhere exotic. Hairy Mess Alex calls Sonja to meet for lunch as she's still devastated by being thrown out of Sonja's house and wants to set the record straight. Your Tweeting Heart Sonja is trying to get her life back on track so she hires a Feng Shui expert to help her bring more positivity to her life. While the women were in Morocco, the Wall St. Follow Pecking Orders Jill returns from Australia with a new perspective, or so she claims, trying to stay out of the gossip.

Hairy Mess Alex calls Sonja to