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Nancy is the one who tells Jack. Getting in an argument with Milton about politics, he says to Liz that he does not want to tell Milton, but Liz convinces him otherwise. However, Liz later discovers that Phoebe is actually an unscrupulous gold digger.

Jack is a conservative Republican initially supporting Mitt Romney. At some point, though as yet unexplained, he underwent a complete reversal of his philosophy and became a conservative Republican. He named himself, a tradition in Milton's family at which both Jack and Avery scoff.

Jack also admits that he and Avery only married because of Avery's pregnancy. After having sex with Nancy, he confesses that he is in love with both Nancy and another woman.

Jack is a conservative Republican

So his pervy human companion regularly pleasured the creature manually, Lovatt admitted. The two end up sharing a kiss in the days before Avery returns home. Department of Homeland Security. During that broadcast, Tracy Jordan realized his talent for getting laughs as a performer. He appears to agree with the other Kabletown executives that the most desirable trophy wives are half-Asian women.

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