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In this fashion, a user may transfer their personalization and individualism across devices and mediums. It is to be appreciated that given the identity of the user e. Alternatively, the user may specify his or her own preference s. In fact, team owners may engage in any fantasy-sports-related activity using a broadcast-based device e.

Thus, this enables one to share one's interests with a community such as people who have the same interests. In one embodiment, a wireless router may be used to interconnect the various client-side systems. The memory locations where data bits are maintained are physical locations that have particular electrical, magnetic, optical, or organic properties corresponding to the data bits. This may be accomplished without using an instant messenger platform or using the instant messenger buddy list. The program or code segments can be stored in a processor readable medium.

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One embodiment of how display screen may be customized is described in co-pending U. For example, option may be pressed by a user during a sporting event causing an overlay of the user's team stats to be displayed on the screen, according to one embodiment. Background of the Invention Currently, the television viewing experience is a homogenous experience devoid of virtually any personalization. Changes made to a team roster during the season may also automatically update the schedule of recorded games. When implemented in software, the elements of the invention are essentially the code segments to perform the necessary tasks.

It should be appreciated that the rating information can refer to a critic rating or ratings by other consumers. In this embodiment, the client-side system comprises a bedroom portion, a home office portion and a living room portion. While in one embodiment user input device is a remote-control-type device, it may also be any other input means, such as a keyboard, voice recognition, touch screen, etc.

Such programs may be viewed live. Overlays may also be added for viewing by the user.

It should also be appreciated that the network may be the Internet, or may also be a wide area network, a local area network or any other type of connection. The user may participate in auctions. Other embodiments are disclosed herein. The use of certificates, encryption, hashing, secure sockets, and so on may also be used to prevent tampering with the device authentication. For example, one embodiment of how a user may navigate the application tree structure or corresponding display screens is described in co-pending U.

There is also currently no means for users to take their user experiences to different mediums like a personal computer, television etc. Such community-based activity may involve live or recorded programs. In one embodiment user input device is a remote-control-type device. Additional optional back-end systems are also depicted e.

Why Do I Have To Be Forever Alone?

It should further be appreciated that other fantasy sports activities may similarly be engaged in via a broadcast-based client side device, bhuvaneswari temple in bangalore dating such as a television. Games are also available to the user. It should of course be understood that there are numerous other methods for authenticating a client device that are consistent with the principles of the invention. Such operations are sometimes referred to as being computer-executed.